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A Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Starts With Quality Plumbing

The cornerstone of a quality renovation and a gorgeous redesign involves looking for a local plumber who can offer advice, install, and upgrade plumbing and fixtures that will be the base for your dream bathroom. For residents on Vancouver Island, The Super Plumber can review your plumbing situation, find and fix any problems areas, and install your new bathtub, shower, set of sinks, or provide a complete bathroom renovation.

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Install These Environmentally-Friendly Appliances To Save $

We're all trying to do our part in being more environmentally-friendly in our lives. Part of this is what we buy and where we put our money, and another part is our daily activities and choices. A great way to combine the two is installing energy- and water-saving appliances at home. Not only is this a practical way to do your part, but over time these appliances and fixtures will save you money, too!

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Don’t Let These Plumbing Emergencies Happen To Your Home

Sometimes accidents happen. Something gets flushed down the drain that shouldn’t have. Other times, a disreputable company completed a faulty or lazy job. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new place that wasn’t properly inspected and now you could go canoeing in your basement. There are a few close calls and total disaster stories floating around the web featuring plumbing problems that no one wants to deal with. Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare when they happen to you. Professionals who can get to you and solve the problem quickly are invaluable.

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