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Don’t Let These Plumbing Emergencies Happen To Your Home

Sometimes accidents happen. Something gets flushed down the drain that shouldn’t have. Other times, a disreputable company completed a faulty or lazy job. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new place that wasn’t properly inspected and now you could go canoeing in your basement. There are a few close calls and total disaster stories floating around the web featuring plumbing problems that no one wants to deal with. Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare when they happen to you. Professionals who can get to you and solve the problem quickly are invaluable.

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Prevent Clogged Pipes And Drains With These Care Tips

Drains in kitchen and bathroom sinks are bound to get clogged eventually. Even with a strainer in place, there can be a lot of accidental pieces of food and other debris that make it through and become lodged. Chemical drain cleaners are filled with powerful toxins that are bad for the environment, bad to breathe in, and bad for your drainage pipes.

The best way to care for your home’s drains is to be diligent with preventing clogs in the first place and calling in expert plumbing services to care for them when needed. Here are a few tips for preventing clogs and caring for your kitchen, bathroom, and basement sinks, as well as the shower and bath tub drains.

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Insulate Your Pipes To Prevent Freezing

When pipes freeze, the first thing you'll notice is low or no flow. If they stay frozen for too long, or if too much water gets frozen, you'll end up with burst or weakened pipes. Insulation slows down the flow of heat from the water in the pipe to the cold air around it. Keep in mind that it doesn't stop it entirely and depending on how long the water in the pipe remains stagnant, it will loses heat. For the most part, however, insulated pipes keep the water temperature above freezing. The colder the winter temperature where you live, the more insulation you need.

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