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Drain Cleaning is Key for a Healthier Home

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When you think about your home it’s easy to imagine all the various visible parts of it: the yard, your home’s exterior, the rooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom(s). These elements are often what define our idea of a ‘home,’ but there’s much more going on below the surface than we often think or worry about.

Behind your walls, ceilings, and floors, is a myriad system of pipes, wires, insulation, and structural support that often people rarely consider unless there is an issue that arises.

A home is a lot like a body, with its outsides and insides – the outsides are mostly superficial, but it’s the insides that need to be healthy in order to maintain the body as a whole. That’s why, like our bodies, regular maintenance can improve the overall ‘health’ of your home and prevent any future problems.

This is particularly true when it comes to your drains. Often, people don’t see the problem until their drain is already backing up, and by then there’s probably been a blockage building up for quite some time.

drain cleaning

But how exactly do you clean your drains, and how often?

Don’t worry:  The Super Plumber is here to help you with all your drain-related questions, issues, and needs. If you’re looking for plumbers in Victoria then we’re the ones you should call! When it comes to the inside of your home, your safest and best option is to call for the help of a professional. They have the tools, experience, and expertise necessary to safely and efficiently asses your home’s issues – both visible and hidden – in order to fix any issues and/or prevent future ones.

The Grimy Details

Here are some possible issues that could arise if you neglect your drains and pipes in your home:

Slow Drains

One of the most obvious consequences of blocked/clogged drains is that the rate in which your water drains from your sink, tub, etc., will steadily decrease until it becomes completely backed up. In the case of severe clogs, water will sometimes begin to bubble back out of your drain.

Potential Leaks

When water gets backed up in your drains, it needs to go somewhere. The build-up of pressure on your pipes can cause leaks over time, which can have serious consequences for both you and the health of your home. Not only can leaking water be the cause of structural damage to your home, but it can also cause an excess of moisture and dampness and turn areas of your home into the perfect habitat for mould.

Mould, of course, can cause respiratory issues, especially for people with asthma or allergies.

Unclean water

Clogged pipes can become a breeding ground for bacteria as food and waste gets trapped in your pipes without anywhere to go. Bacteria build-up can contaminate your water, making it unhealthy to consume and a potential health risk.

Foul odours

As waste and food gets backed up in your pipes, the growing bacteria will begin to release foul-smelling odours. We’ve all seen what can happen to the foods that get forgotten at the back of the fridge – how they get mouldy and smelly, and just absolutely repulsive. Now imagine this kind of thing happening in your drains – you can’t see it, but it’s there, and it’ll stink up your whole home if left unchecked.

Our Super Plumber Services

We provide regular maintenance services, like drain inspections and flushing, for indoor drains on both residential and commercial properties. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians can quickly and effectively determine the source of your drainage issues using a variety of equipment, including drain scopes and cameras, and provide you with a detailed report and diagram of what we find for your records.

With our high-tech equipment, The Super Plumber offers a full set of services for drain cleaning and repairs, including:

  • Rooter plumbing snake service,
  • Hydro jetting and/or pipe flushing services,
  • Floor drain cleaning,
  • Repairs for clogged bathtub and shower drains,
  • And general drain installation and replacement.

Depending on the age of your building and the type of pipes and codes used in its construction, you may or may not have adequate access points for cameras or flushing equipment. If not, some digging may be required to properly inspect your drains, but you'll be informed beforehand.

$93 Drain Clearing

If you are experiencing a clog in your home, we provide a guarantee that we can clear your clog with the cabling method, or else the service is free. This $93 procedure only applies to the cabling method – not the more advanced methods – and can only be used for residential stoppages, as well as some other notable limitations (for instance, this deal is only available during regular business hours).

There are also situations where additional costs may apply: the $93 fee is valid only when an accessible cleanout the same size as the pipe that the blockage is in is available and usable. Additional costs will be incurred for installing proper cleanouts, or for removing toilets.

Click here to learn more about our drain cleaning special and the other offers that we have advertised on our website.

What You Can Do

The colder Canadian months present more of a risk for your pipes, as they can freeze and potentially burst. Click here to read our tips for avoiding winter plumbing problems that you could likely come across during the winter.

If you are experiencing a situation where water is flowing where it shouldn’t, be sure to turn off your home’s power if the water is leaking near electric wiring, use shut-off valves to stop water flow in your home and appliances, and consider turning off your water heater in case too much pressure builds inside.

After these quick-thinking measures, be sure to give us (your local Super Plumber in Nanaimo and nearby areas) a call so that we can come to the rescue! We are your top choice for plumbers in Nanaimo that offer emergency plumbing services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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