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Water Treatment & Softeners

Water Quality Testing

The Super Plumber is a specialist in water quality. Whether you're hooked up to the municipal water system or have a private well, The Super Plumber can perform quality testing on your water supply to test for unpleasant tastes, odours, and contaminants, and determine whether it requires any treatment to be safe to drink.

Your drinking water will be tested in a controlled laboratory, and can be monitored for results with a regular servicing contract.

Water Filter Systems

The Super Plumber can install whole home water filtration and treatment systems such as reverse osmosis that will remove odours, chlorine, and other additives from your drinking water supply.

The CRD adds both chlorine and ammonia to Greater Victoria's drinking water to protect against contaminants. The City of Nanaimo also uses chlorine and occasionally ammonia. This is not harmful, but these chemicals can create a displeasing taste and odour. Algae can also invade a system and cause a "fishy" or "grassy" odour.

Call The Super Plumber for a solution to these water problems. Our Water Treatment Promise means that we:

Well Water Filtration

The Super Plumber knows how important water quality is when you have a private well. Well water can be unsafe to drink even when you don't feel sick. Each well is unique — private wells only a few meters apart can have very different water quality.

We can test your well water for quality in a controlled laboratory, and install state-of-the-art filter systems that treat your well water to remove contaminants and odours. The Super Plumber can also monitor your private well's water quality with our regular servicing program.

Water Softener Systems

At The Super Plumber we supply and install high quality residential water softener systems. Not sure if you need one? We can help you decide.

Hard water can affect the function of appliances and products within your home, and result in effects such as:

Applying water softener treatment can reduce water hardness, make it easier to shower and clean fabrics and dishes, require less soap for bathing and laundry, leave skin feeling cleaner and clothes feeling softer, prevent scale build-up in pipes, and cause appliances to operate efficiently.

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